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our mission is to...

Support independent musical artists and advance community organizations by merging music and social causes. 

Share It Music's objective is for musical artists to give back and support their own communities that have supported them. This objective focuses on the notion that music is a collective experience. That means we believe in the reciprocal nature of music, that music does not exist in a vacuum, and that the music industry and notions of community engagement can be merged together to create benefits that extend beyond the record label and the musical artist to permeate our communities.

Music is a collective experience. It requires a musical artist to write and perform. It requires an audience for it to be appreciated and supported. And it requires a community to value it and recognize its importance as a fundamental form of artistic expression.

But musical artists need help all along the way in creating their work. Initially, musicians will need people who teach them how to create or foster their curiosity. As they learn, musicians will need people who encourage them to continue or recognize their passion for creating music as a valuable characteristic. And as they flourish, musicians will need general community support and opportunities to demonstrate the worth of their work.

Share It Music is a registered 501(c)(3) organization.