Bloods "Feelings" featured in Netflix's "Trinkets"

Hello, Hollywood?

It’s Bloods, with “Feelings.” Prepare to be dazzled.

Seriously though, we’re so excited to see the immensely positive response to Netfilx’s new show “Trinkets,” as it includes “Feelings,” the title track from Bloods’ full-length album released last summer. Appropriately, “Feelings” is featured during a pivotal moment in season 1, episode 6, when, well, feelings are developing. There’s no time for subtlety here, so please keep up.

If you haven’t already, catch “Trinkets” on Netflix and listen to the stone-cold killer playlist of the season 1 soundtrack which is an indie rock fan’s dream come true (via Bustle, or Refinery29, or Seventeen, or Spotify, or…).


Spirit Award's "Mountain" Lyric Video is Here!

We’re excited to share that Spirit Award’s “Mountainlyric video, directed by Tyler Coray, is now available for your visual enjoyment!

Mountain” is the A-Side track from the band’s freshly released 7-inch single Currency, now available wherever you stream, purchase, or otherwise consume your music.

And don’t forget to catch Spirit Award on the road during their upcoming West Coast tour, including Currency release shows in both Seattle and Portland.


Spirit Award "Mountain" Press Round-Up

Look no further for a compilation of Spirit Award’s Currency feedback and info:

Paste Magazine (May 31) - includes details on Currency in their Record Time monthly feature - “sparkling tunes” from “a powerful record for a great cause.”

The Tape Deck (May 22) - review of Currency - “yet another solid offering from an accomplished, confident psych-rock band that has avenues yet to pursue.”

KEXP (May 16) - premiere of “Is It Enough?” and feature on Currency - “it seems the path [to enlightenment] might be simpler…care for each other and speak up for people who can’t speak up for themselves. Is it enough? Let’s give it a try and see what happens.”

Paige Backstage (May 16) - interview telling the stories of Spirit Award, Currency, and Share It Music - “here they are, truly putting in the work to make a difference.”

Phluff (April 18) - interview with Spirit Award and Share It Music detailing Currency release - “‘Mountain’ is a perfect mixture of fuzzy spaced out ambience, psychedelic riffy goodness, and driving, impactful vocals.”

Last Day Deaf (March 28) - “Mountain” certified as a Fresh n’ Green highlight of the week

Earmilk (March 21) - offers a listen link and review of “Mountain” - “big and in-your-face…packed with attitude from start to finish,” thus “full of angst and tension” and “nearly impossible to sit still to.”

fourculture (March 20) - profilesMountain” as “yet another step forward in the evolution of Spirit Award…with quite possibly their most impressive effort to date.”

Alt Citizen (March 20) - describes Currency’s 2 tracks as “beautiful and vast” and delves deep to observe that Spirit Award’s “inherent humanity is what makes the band such a great fit for this partnership [with Mary’s Place and Share It Music].”

electric sound of joy (March 20) - shares a listen link to “Mountain” - concisely characterized as “psych rock of significant quality.”

come here floyd (March 22) - includes “Mountain” in their daily 415 Indie Fascination round-up

Power of Pop (March 27) - gives a “Mountain” listen link and brief preview of “Is It Enough?

The Arbiter (March 23) - details Spirit Award’s “triumphant return to Treefort [Music Fest]”