Hear & See Feelings Here (updated)

Big shout outs to the following for supporting Bloods as we continue to roll out Feelings:

New York Times - The Playlist (July 13) - "Bloods...use three chords and women-together shouts to triumph in the aftermath of a breakup...MC and Sweetie sing with implied exclamation points over surging major chords." (on "Feelings" music video)

The Grey Estates

  • premiere (October 4) - “Talk” music video premiere - “A catchy, biting ode.”

  • Shuffle: The Empress Playlist (August 17) - "We can be happy by ourselves, regardless of whether there’s a special person in our lives. Especially if there’s a special person in our lives." (on resonance of "Feelings" track)

  • blog (July 27) - "'Feelings' is soundtracked by a jubilant declaration of self-love...both catchy and cutting." (on "Feelings" music video)

Alternative Press 


AMRAP / The Music Network - AU community radio chart (August 28) - Bloods debut at #1! "Step Back [track is Bloods'] toughest and catchiest yet." 

Shine On Promo - college radio support (August 2018) - at radio now

The Autumn Roses 

  • blog (October 9) - “loose and relatable while the song sizzles – free, frenetic and fun.” (on “Talk” music video)

  • blog (July 11) - "A bracing blast of exuberance and creative energy." (on "Feelings" track)

Raven Sings the Blues - blog (August 17) - Bloods' "new album bounds into the room and makes a mess with the full force of a punk packed confetti canon." (Feelings album review) 

The Big Issue (AU) - print only magazine (September 7 / “Love” edition) - "Unapologetically earnest" with "a palpable sense of joy washing over all" (Feelings album review)

Happy Mag - interview (August 29) - “Feelings inside feelings: Bloods break down the songs that inspired their new album”

Rear View Mirror - blog & interview (September 1) - “Bold and energetic.” (on Feelings album)

A Little Bit of Sol - blog (August 31) - “It's really hard not to get caught up in the infectious energy.” (on Feelings album)

triple j - radio (August 9) - Home and Hosed premiere of track "Step Back"

Rabbit Radio - indie radio (August 21) - "Step Back" video and Feelings album release details and info


  • review (September 7) - “A half hour of high-energy punk-pop.” (on Feelings album)

  • feature (August 21) - Bloods walk through Feelings track-by-track

  • magazine (July 8) - "Catchy, indie-punk-pop sound." (on "Feelings" track)

CHATTR - blog (August 24) - Q&A with Dirk; “Feelings takes listeners on the roller coaster ride that is everyday life.”

2SER Radio - "Static" interview (August 23) - MC and Dirk talk about Feelings album on "Static" radio program from 2SER station

Hi-Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles - interview (August 22) - Sonically self-described as "punky with a shiny pop sheen!" (Dirk on Feelings album)

Cool Accidents - interview (August 22) - "I remember saying I wanted to make an album that sounded like ‘a drunk cheerleader’ or ‘Louise Belcher falling in love.’" (MC on crafting Feelings album)

Bernard Zuel - blog (August 20) - "This is fizziness and energy like sugar directly downloaded into your veins, bubbles of nothing that feel like fun, hooks that promise satisfaction and actually deliver, and a reminder that fuzzed guitars, half-dream singing and tunes may be a not very secret recipe for pleasure." (Feelings album review)

Warszawa Records - blog (August 17)  - "Step Back" video love from Japan

Cool Try - blog (August 16) - "A lot of energy and enthusiasm." (Feelings album review)

Forte - magazine (August 13) - "Feelings is upbeat and filled with punk properties, the album has this dreamy eminence to it too, making it a fun and easy to listen to album the whole way through." (Feelings album review)

Grated Melon - blog (August 14) - "Infectious melodies and hooks, beautiful harmonies, arrays of instrumentation, and a multitude of styles that keep your ears peeled for what’s next." (Feelings album review)

The Music - blog (August 14) - "It's hard not to be pretty instantly smitten by lead vocalist MC's razor-sharp sass, buzzing guitars and a good dose of reverb." (Feelings album review)

K Rock 95.5 - Oz Made (August 7) - radio interview with MC

Sounds of Oz - blog (July 26) - "A grungy pop-punk charmer." (on "Feelings" track and music video)

Stack Magazine - home entertainment (August 1) - "They’re back, full grown, and full of grit." (on Feelings album)

FEMMUSIC.com - blog (July 1) - "We wanted to make something a little bit more sophisticated...to push ourselves further with every song." (from interview with MC on making Feelings album)