Bloods: On "Feelings," SXSW and Shredding

The good folks over at Lunchbox in Australia put together this great interview with Bloods’ MC that looks backward, forward, inward, onward, and upward.

So that’s a lot of -wards and words to keep track of - not to mention the rumination that “Bloods could very well be that next ‘it’ band to represent Australia.”

Sign us up! And thanks for the thoughtful piece.

AMNplify Interviews MC in Lead-up to AU Summer Kick-off Party Shows

Australian outlet AMNplify recently conducted and posted an interview with Bloods’ MC in anticipation of the band’s Summer Kick-off Party shows in Sydney and Melbourne. Check it out here.

The interview nicely wraps up what’s been a busy, successful year for Bloods and looks forward to good things to come in 2019.

The Summer Kick-off Party shows serve as a bittersweet marker to send-off and honor founding member Sweetie as she moves on from the band and to recognize and celebrate the proper launch of Feelings in full. Interviews Bloods' MC

Alex Teitz at recently interviewed MC from Bloods and has just posted the transcript on her site, available here.

The discussion, among other topics, covers the challenges of writing and recording the Feelings album, MC's influences, striving for diversity within the music industry, and even shares the Feelings album art!

Check it out and let us know your...ya know...Feelings!