Bloods "Feelings" featured in Netflix's "Trinkets"

Hello, Hollywood?

It’s Bloods, with “Feelings.” Prepare to be dazzled.

Seriously though, we’re so excited to see the immensely positive response to Netfilx’s new show “Trinkets,” as it includes “Feelings,” the title track from Bloods’ full-length album released last summer. Appropriately, “Feelings” is featured during a pivotal moment in season 1, episode 6, when, well, feelings are developing. There’s no time for subtlety here, so please keep up.

If you haven’t already, catch “Trinkets” on Netflix and listen to the stone-cold killer playlist of the season 1 soundtrack which is an indie rock fan’s dream come true (via Bustle, or Refinery29, or Seventeen, or Spotify, or…).