Bloods: Band in the US (March 2019)

Hello Friends, and Happy 2019!

Bloods are unstoppably off and running toward the US this March with official showcase performances confirmed at SXSW and Treefort Music Fest (Boise, ID), along with appearances in NYC [edited] and Seattle to round out their tight schedule.

We invite our fellow State-siders to catch, cover, and hype Bloods as they smash out hits from their "super fun and catchy" album Feelings if and when you can and we know that you'll continue to show these Aussie legends love all along the way - just like in 2018 from the fine folks at The NYT, KEXP, AltPress, The Grey Estates, and many more!

As of now, Bloods itinerary is as follows (and subject to slight changes):

Please don't hesitate to reach out with questions or requests. Additional press and media assets are available at this Google Drive link.

Thanks as always for the hUSpitality!

Hear & See Feelings Here (updated)

Big shout outs to the following for supporting Bloods as we continue to roll out Feelings:

New York Times - The Playlist (July 13) - "Bloods...use three chords and women-together shouts to triumph in the aftermath of a breakup...MC and Sweetie sing with implied exclamation points over surging major chords." (on "Feelings" music video)

The Grey Estates

  • premiere (October 4) - “Talk” music video premiere - “A catchy, biting ode.”

  • Shuffle: The Empress Playlist (August 17) - "We can be happy by ourselves, regardless of whether there’s a special person in our lives. Especially if there’s a special person in our lives." (on resonance of "Feelings" track)

  • blog (July 27) - "'Feelings' is soundtracked by a jubilant declaration of self-love...both catchy and cutting." (on "Feelings" music video)

Alternative Press 


AMRAP / The Music Network - AU community radio chart (August 28) - Bloods debut at #1! "Step Back [track is Bloods'] toughest and catchiest yet." 

Shine On Promo - college radio support (August 2018) - at radio now

The Autumn Roses 

  • blog (October 9) - “loose and relatable while the song sizzles – free, frenetic and fun.” (on “Talk” music video)

  • blog (July 11) - "A bracing blast of exuberance and creative energy." (on "Feelings" track)

Raven Sings the Blues - blog (August 17) - Bloods' "new album bounds into the room and makes a mess with the full force of a punk packed confetti canon." (Feelings album review) 

The Big Issue (AU) - print only magazine (September 7 / “Love” edition) - "Unapologetically earnest" with "a palpable sense of joy washing over all" (Feelings album review)

Happy Mag - interview (August 29) - “Feelings inside feelings: Bloods break down the songs that inspired their new album”

Rear View Mirror - blog & interview (September 1) - “Bold and energetic.” (on Feelings album)

A Little Bit of Sol - blog (August 31) - “It's really hard not to get caught up in the infectious energy.” (on Feelings album)

triple j - radio (August 9) - Home and Hosed premiere of track "Step Back"

Rabbit Radio - indie radio (August 21) - "Step Back" video and Feelings album release details and info


  • review (September 7) - “A half hour of high-energy punk-pop.” (on Feelings album)

  • feature (August 21) - Bloods walk through Feelings track-by-track

  • magazine (July 8) - "Catchy, indie-punk-pop sound." (on "Feelings" track)

CHATTR - blog (August 24) - Q&A with Dirk; “Feelings takes listeners on the roller coaster ride that is everyday life.”

2SER Radio - "Static" interview (August 23) - MC and Dirk talk about Feelings album on "Static" radio program from 2SER station

Hi-Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles - interview (August 22) - Sonically self-described as "punky with a shiny pop sheen!" (Dirk on Feelings album)

Cool Accidents - interview (August 22) - "I remember saying I wanted to make an album that sounded like ‘a drunk cheerleader’ or ‘Louise Belcher falling in love.’" (MC on crafting Feelings album)

Bernard Zuel - blog (August 20) - "This is fizziness and energy like sugar directly downloaded into your veins, bubbles of nothing that feel like fun, hooks that promise satisfaction and actually deliver, and a reminder that fuzzed guitars, half-dream singing and tunes may be a not very secret recipe for pleasure." (Feelings album review)

Warszawa Records - blog (August 17)  - "Step Back" video love from Japan

Cool Try - blog (August 16) - "A lot of energy and enthusiasm." (Feelings album review)

Forte - magazine (August 13) - "Feelings is upbeat and filled with punk properties, the album has this dreamy eminence to it too, making it a fun and easy to listen to album the whole way through." (Feelings album review)

Grated Melon - blog (August 14) - "Infectious melodies and hooks, beautiful harmonies, arrays of instrumentation, and a multitude of styles that keep your ears peeled for what’s next." (Feelings album review)

The Music - blog (August 14) - "It's hard not to be pretty instantly smitten by lead vocalist MC's razor-sharp sass, buzzing guitars and a good dose of reverb." (Feelings album review)

K Rock 95.5 - Oz Made (August 7) - radio interview with MC

Sounds of Oz - blog (July 26) - "A grungy pop-punk charmer." (on "Feelings" track and music video)

Stack Magazine - home entertainment (August 1) - "They’re back, full grown, and full of grit." (on Feelings album) - blog (July 1) - "We wanted to make something a little bit more push ourselves further with every song." (from interview with MC on making Feelings album)



We recently received vinyl test pressings for Bloods' upcoming album Feelings. Check out the video link below and let us know your thoughts.

BTW, the big announcement comes July 9, so keep your eyes peeled and your ears to the ground for the good news.