Bloods' "Feelings" Track Up for Your Enjoyment on Digital Services

We're happy to report that Bloods' track "Feelings" is now available for everyone to enjoy on the major digital services, such as Apple / iTunes, Spotify, and YouTube.

Surf on over to one or all of those services and stream or download the track to support the band and their chosen cause for this campaign, the Indigenous Literacy Foundation, an Australian organization.

Stay tuned for more big things to come from Bloods as we roll on towards the release of their second full length LP, Feelings

Bloods Share "Feelings" on Valentine's Day with KEXP Premiere

We're proud to announce a new single, "Feelings" by Bloods, which premiered on KEXP's Midday Show with Cheryl Waters today, not-coincidentally Valentine's Day!

Check out the full rundown at here.

"Feelings" the single is the title track from Bloods' second full length LP which is slated for worldwide release this year on Share It Music.


October 3, 2017, Share It Music - a nonprofit organization founded by Sub Pop Records employee and Seattle University School of Law alumnus Cayle Sharratt - officially launches operations. Share It states their organizational mission is to "support independent musical artists and advance community organizations by merging music and social causes."

Share It goes on to explain that their aim is for musicians to give back and support their communities because music is a collective, reciprocal experience. Share It posits that the music industry and notions of social engagement can be merged together to create benefits that extend beyond the record label and the musical artist to permeate our communities and forge cumulative bonds.